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About Me:

I'm a founder of Legal Analytics Corporation and 'Jack of all Trades' at, a website that gives average people the ability to see the results of hundreds of thousands of past criminal cases like theirs, and make an informed decision about what to do in their case.

Most recently I deployed a web app that lets people in Hillsborough County easily find out when they need to be in court, that's called Court Date Search. Tampa developer Mike Turtora collaborated on this project.

Current Projects:

I've been working to put Florida's court forms online in an easy-to-use format, starting with Florida's mental health forms. As I update them I'll post them here:
1. Florida Baker Act Petition
2. Florida Marchman Act Petition
3. Florida Law Enforcement Marchman Act Form
4. Court Form Builder Using Flask and Python. A link to my tutorial is here: Court Form Maker Tutorial - Intro

Credit goes to to Max Pietsch at USF for his help in putting these into Bootstrap - his github is here, to Al Brunner for creating a Wikipedia page for Florida's Marchman Act petition, and to Arthur Alton for far too many hours of work on this.


7/1/16 - Starting Out

7/13/16 - Lawyers and the Fear of Failure

11/1/16 - We're Failing at LegalTech

12/6/16 - Functional Court Software is Essential to Access-to-Justice

Contact Me:

If you want to contact me, send me a message through github or shoot me an email at