About me:

I'm a lawyer who decided to teach himself to code, because I'm a believer that technology can help bridge the access-to-justice gap. I work primarily in Python, but have also worked in Go and NodeJS.

I'm constantly building and experimenting with ways to apply technology to law. Check out my github repo for examples of what I've built.

If you want to get in touch with me just email me

My work:

I'm a legal technology consultant and I've worked with both law firms and orgaizations. Currently I consult with vLex, a global legal research company and Measures for Justice.

What I can do for you:

So you've got questions about legal technology. Maybe you're a solo / small attorney trying to figure out how to make your practice more efficient. Maybe you're looking for advice on product-market fit for a new legal technology service or gizmo. Maybe you need development help to scope out an MVP. Maybe you need help setting up Docassemble or creating interviews. Or maybe you just want to pick my brain about something.

If any of those sound like you, just email me and we'll find a time to talk. Disclaimer - I do charge for my consulting work but the first conversation is always free.

Recent Media, Publications, and Interviews:

I spoke at the Beta Launch event for the MIT Computational Law Journal about my Docassemble instructional videos, which will be included as part of the Journal's rich media content. Watch the Beta Launch Event here. Read the Journal here.

I was on the Lawyerist Podcast to talk about my work with criminal justive data. Listen here.

I wrote a guest post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog about my work with vLex. Read post.

I spoke at the ABA Criminal Justice Section meeting in Nashville about tech tools that reduce recidivism. Video.

I was a regular contributor to Lawyerist, writing about technology and small firm practice. Read articles.

I spoke at the Stetson Legal Technology Conference about technology and Access to Justice in June, 2019. Videos are available for purchase here (I don't get anything if you decide to purchase).

I wrote about the case for a 'Legal IDE' (Integrated Development Environment) for the Law Practice Today magazine. Read article

Docassemble videos:

I've been creating instructional videos about how to set up and use Docassemble, the open-source document assembly program. You can check out the YouTube channel.